When should you call Kluzak Law?

» When collection companies are harassing you:

    If they are hounding you, it’s time for some real

    legal advice.

» When debt is mounting:

    Debt does not go away on its own. It’s better to take care of the problem before your bank account gets levied.

» When you aren’t able to pay down your debt: 

    It is possible for a creditor to seek an arrest warrant.

    It needn’t get that far!

» When it’s an emergency:

    If you need to stop a sheriff sale, wage garnishment or

    foreclosure, we can take over and make sure your

    rights are not lost.

» If you are served with a summons and complaint,

   or are facing wage garnishment or a bank levy:

   We can act as an intermediary.


» If you can’t keep up with a second mortgage:

   We are able to remove a second mortgage or home

   equity line of credit to keep your property intact.


» At the first sign of trouble:

   There are alternatives and choices in our legal system.

   We can help represent your interests and get you back

   on the right track.


Your bankruptcy advocates.