We are a debt relief agency, we help people file for bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code.


We’ve all been in tough places before. A job loss, injury or broken relationship can tip the scales off balance until your debt becomes too much to handle on your own. 


Kluzak Law is here to offer compassionate legal help in financially troubled times. We’ll walk with you on your journey to recover financially and set new goals for a better financial future.


During complicated financial proceedings, having an advocate represent your interests in the system protects your rights and keeps the process moving in the right direction.

At Kluzak Law, we can help you:


» Identify your choices,

» Properly convey your interests

» Keep creditors at bay

» Find hope in a hopeless situation

Making the first call might seem overwhelming.


But, calling us to set up your Free Consultation is easier than you can imagine. Most of our clients wish they would have come in sooner.

Our Mission at Kluzak Law



Our mission is to act as compassionate and assertive legal advocates for our clients in order to help them effectively and efficiently solve the financial and legal problems that accompany some of life’s toughest choices.


Your bankruptcy advocates.